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Enjoy Total Stress Relief With Our Massage Services

Massage and Movement Therapy is here to help when you need stress relief. Our Newburgh, New York, company provides several relaxing services, including facial massage.

The Escape

This service provides quick relief from the stressful buildup of daily tension. We can focus on one area of your body or provide you with a full body massage. You'll feel refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your day in no time. This service requires a 20-minute minimum session and is priced at $35.

The Mini Vacation

Relieve the stress of a long week with this service. We'll stretch your body and loosen things up so you can get back to feeling like yourself. This service requires a 50-minute minimum session and is priced at $70.

The Excursion

Feel young again and allow your stress to melt away with this massage service. This massage will get you in the zone; you may even forget that one of our massage therapists is working on you. An 80-minute minimum session is required for this massage; it's priced at $105.

Stress Relieving Body Stretch

The Journey

Forget everything and slip into total bliss with our ultimate massage session. You'll be so relaxed after undergoing this extensive massage that you may need someone to drive you home afterwards! This service requires a 110-minute minimum session and is priced at $140.

Facial Rejuvenation Massage

This service is focused on your face, hands, and feet. We'll cleanse and exfoliate your body while stimulating blood and oxygen flow in order to release toxins and soften the lines in your skin. This service requires a 50-minute minimum session and is priced at $70.