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Massage and Movement Therapy is proud to provide our customers with superior therapeutic massage services. Our Newburgh, New York, company offers a range of touch therapy treatments to meet your needs.

Therapeutic Massage

Benefits of a Therapeutic Massage

There are many benefits to a therapeutic massage. The ancient techniques of touch therapy have been filtered through changing cultural norms and medical practices over the centuries, resulting in the diversity of techniques we see today. In the United States, many massage therapists take what they consider to be the best techniques from many different schools of thought and combine them into a single cohesive approach. Our licensed massage therapists were required to learn several of these techniques in order to attain their licenses. They now use their in-depth knowledge and experience to facilitate relaxation and stress reduction for our valued clients.

During the massage process, the recipient must communicate openly with their therapist in order to get the best results. Therapists are trained to feel the level of resistance in their patients' tissues, but there is no correlation between tissue resistance and pain. Every person has different responses to each kind of technique, which means clear communication is an essential part of the massage therapy process. When massage therapy is performed properly, there are numerous benefits. Patients were shown to have a demonstrated improvement in the following areas, following a Swedish massage by a licensed massage therapist:

• Nervous System Control
• Immune Function
• Circulation
• Filtration
• Elimination of Carbon Dioxide, Metabolites, and Other Biochemical Byproducts
• Growth and Repair
• Pain and Anxiety Reduction
• Attentiveness
• REM Sleep
• Depressive Episodes

Exercise and Massage

In addition to the medical benefits conferred upon a patient by massage, there are also several exercise-related benefits as well. Prior to working out, a massage will stimulate your muscles and prepare them for full contraction. A properly administered massage will warm up your muscles, unglue your fascia, and prepare you for deeper stretching. It will also normalize your neurological responses so you're able to enjoy a complete workout. Many professional athletes rely on pre-workout massages to clear their minds of stress and reduce their risk of injury during a workout.

Following your workout, a massage will pump the lactic acid out of your tissues, resulting in less soreness and fatigue the next day. A massage will stretch your muscles and normalize the neuromuscular relationship, allowing your muscles to relax and reducing cramping and the shortening of your contractile fibers. In addition to these benefits, massage will help remove excess fluid from your joints, reducing inflammation and healing time for any damaged tissues. In short, a post-workout massage is an essential part of any training regimen and can help to maximize the benefits of your time spent in the gym.

Stimulating Massage